Most of my workouts take place in the morning. I think the fact that my gym is on my walk into work helps get me there nice and early but I do actually really enjoy gyming in the morning. I always have way more motivation to go first thing rather than after a long day at work. The problem is though, I have never been very good at working out on an empty stomach. For some reason as soon as I wake up I need something to eat asap. If I try and do any exercise without eating I literally nearly faint! So I always have something quick before my workout. I sometimes have bananas, sometimes a spoon of peanut butter or sometimes a Weetabix with hazelnut milk. Recently though I tried making some of Madeline Shaw’s protein┬áballs from her book, ‘Get the Glow’ and I absolutely love them. They are perfect for having before a gym session first thing in the morning. They are packed with energy but don’t make you feel too full before working out.

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