Pizza Express, Stockport

pizza express, christmas pizza

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to visit another new Pizza Express restaurant. As I always mention in blogs, this spot is a particular favourite of mine as we often visited when I was a child so I always feel very sentimental when I go to Pizza Express! This time I was headed for the leisure destination, Redrock in Stockport.

When a new Pizza Express restaurant opens, the fit out and decor is always inspired by the history of the location. When I visit the Didsbury restaurant for example, the building used to be a post office. A classic red post box and postage stamp inspired artwork can be found there and it is really very unique. This particular Stockport restaurant takes inspiration from the town’s hat making heritage. The central pizziola, has been finished with slatted oak to resemble a hat ‘conformateur’ which was a device used for measuring head size and shape. Framed hats and wooden hat blocks decorate the walls and if you look closely, the hat theme is everywhere! This interesting, historic finish along with the classic, modern look of Pizza Express makes the restaurant truly unique and very fitting for Stockport.

Pizza Express stockport

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Pizza express, stockport

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The restaurant has a really lovely feel to it and the staff were ever so attentive and friendly. As we visited during December, we got to try out some dishes from the epic Christmas menu. I didn’t believe that their festive pizzas could top last years, but I think they may have just!

We shared the Maple Glazed Gammon Pizza and the Potato & Fontal Pizza. Both were literally a pizza dream. The Gammon pizza was topped with Maple-glazed gammon, spiced apricot chutney and goat’s cheese finished with fresh parsley. The sweet and salty flavours of the gammon were so tasty and the fruity apricot was just amazing! The potato pizza is essentially fontal cheese with garlic roasted potato, béchamel sauce, red onion, baby capers and rosemary, finished with parsley and Gran Milano cheese. It was like something straight from a skiing holiday in The French Alps! It isn’t everyday that you see such amazing combinations on a pizza!

pizza express, christmas pizza

pizza express, stockport

For pudding of course we went for the magical Snowball Doughballs. It really isn’t Christmas until you’ve had some of these!

snow ball dough balls

If you live in the Stockport area of nearby then a visit the new Pizza Express restaurant is a must! The menu is amazing and the limited addition dishes which are added each season are always worth a try. They also have a vegan pizza on their menu which I really admire, along with vegetarian, gluten free and healthier options so there is something for everyone!

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