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Pizzaexpress, pizza, cutAutumn is officially here and I couldn’t be happier. It is the best time of the year without a doubt! Cosy knits, golden leaves, hot drinks, bonfire night, candles and the lead up to Christmas… heaven. Last week we went along to PizzaExpress to test out their new Autumn menu. Whilst I am trying to stick to The Body Coach plan as close as possible, when a great opportunity to try a new menu presents itself I have been accepting them. I also enjoy eating out and seeing how close I can stay on plan so I was up for the challenge. Also, as a fond lover of PizzaExpress I just had to take up the offer.

Filled with seasonal flavour and a lot of hearty ingredients, there are some great new dishes on their Autumn menu. It was well worth the off plan eating. Whilst we only tried the food, there are also some epic drinks on the new menu. PizzaExpress have really captured Autumn with their new menu items and it’s well worth a visit if you get the chance.

We started off by sharing the ‘Nduja Arancini. This is essentially baked risotto balls with ‘nduja sausage and cheese with a side of pesto. I am a huge fan of this new ‘nduja sausage flavour they have introduced! It has a fantastic spicy flavour which went really well with the pesto. Tom went for Pizza as his main and tried the new Campana pizza. This is topped with Crumbled pork & fennel sausage along with garlic, cheese and tomato. The pizzas at PizzaExpress are always so well made, with the thinnest crust and the gooeiest cheese! The flavours on this one were so herby and rich. Really really good if you fancy something a little different.

pizzaexpress, starter, risotto balls,

pizzaexpress, pizza, pasta, autumn menu

As I was trying to stay as close to my Cycle 2 Body Coach plan as possible I went for the Bolognese Rigatoni. It actually fit to my plan perfectly (minus the red wine) and so I was very happy! I love a good pasta dish and this was truly delicious. Warm, hearty and it tasted homemade.

So pudding time came around and whilst I probably shouldn’t have indulged I did… I couldn’t turn down it down! I tried the new Lotus Biscoff Cheesecake which is thankfully one of their smaller desserts that comes with a coffee so I felt it was probably the best choice I could have made. If you’ve tried Biscoff biscuits you’ll know what to expect. The gingery flavours and creamy cheesecake along with a generous layer of Lotus Biscoff spread, it was such a treat! I really enjoyed it with an americano and felt all warm and cosy.

Tom went for the ultimate Autumn dessert. Sticky Toffee Bundt Cake. It really was as good as it sounds! The warm, toffee sauce was just heaven alongside the salted caramel gelato.

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I was so excited to see the Espresso Martini on the menu. This has to be one of my all time favourite cocktails – I could drink so many of them! I didn’t try it but if I had of been drinking I definitely would have. Oh and they have a gingerbread latte now too so if you fancy an extravagant coffee this is definitely an option.

PizzaExpress never fail to impress. They really do know how to create a good meal and their Autumn menu does not disappoint. We ate at the Oxford Road branch and I couldn’t believe how full it was for a Wednesday evening! They were even turning people away.

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