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I’ve noticed that the street food culture has been on the rise over the past few years.  Little restaurants are popping up everywhere and I love it. There’s something about ‘street-food’ dishes that makes a restaurant feel much more rustic and authentic. I am very drawn to this modern dining experience. I think perhaps because I feel as though I am experiencing food as I would if I were in that country? There is often a very laid back and relaxed vibe and I love the tapas style sharing plates. The food also is often incredible. Indian street food in particular is just an infusion of colour and flavours. Indian food is taken in a totally different direction from your typical Indian Restaurant. Manchester is home to a collection of Indian street food gems and one of them is Scene.

scene, indian street food

Just on Left Bank overlooking the water is where you will find Scene. The restaurant space is very very big with a variety of booths  and tables. The restaurant also was so full considering it was 5.30pm on a Wednesday evening. The sign of a good restaurant!

The menu was jam packed with different options, there are so many different dishes to choose from! Chicken plates, lamb plates, fish plates, vegetarian plates, burgers and more. There is also a superfood section which is great if you want something a little cleaner. I love it when a restaurant offers something like this. It’s nice to know you can stay healthy whilst enjoying a meal out.

We ordered a plate of Bhelpuri just whilst we waiting. This was absolutely gorgeous, if a little on the big side. I forget how filling Indian food can be! But it was so tasty and rich in flavour. We also ordered Natural Lassi to drink because it is just a classic really isn’t it?!

scene, starter

For our main meal, we shared a collection of things. The Lamb Bhindi Gosht which was essentially a lamb curry. Nothing extra special or out of the ordinary but tasty meat and a great curry dish. We also had the Tandoori Lamb Chop (can you tell we like lamb?!). Ah this was beautiful. The dish arrived sizzling and was served with a lovely helping of rice and a salad.

One of my favourite Indian dishes is Peshwari Naan so of course we also got some of this and it was the perfect side dish. You always need something to mop up your sauces. Of course we were very full but it was a very delicious meal.

scene, indian street food

Now lets talk dessert. I was so full but I just can’t turn down something sweet. We decided to share Gulab Jamun. I fell in love with this in India so obviously had very high expectations! Apart from the overly melted ice cream, this is a very yummy dish. Gulab Jamun is essentially very very sweet balls soaked in a sweet saffron syrup and well worth a try. Essentially the sweetest thing you will probably ever taste! It finished off our meal nicely anyhow.

We loved our visit to Scene. I think it was the food that won us over here, as well as the location. The exterior is very fancy and inviting. The only downside to Scene was that I didn’t feel the service was fantastic. It took a while for anyone to acknowledge us when we arrived and the waiting staff just didn’t seem that enthusiastic. It was a shame considering how flamboyant, flavourful and colourful the restaurant and food was. You can find out more about the restaurant here.

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