The Sawyer’s Arms, Best of a British Pub Food

The Sawyer’s Arms, part of the Nicholson’s pubs group, has really hit the pub food nail on the head. Forget sloppy food with oversized portions, The Sawyer’s Arms explores a more elegant approach to ‘pub grub’ which works¬†fantastically. The menu still pays homage to classic, British dishes and you still get that relaxed, chilled out pub experience. There is a certain stylistic approach to the menu and this was mostly carried off very well in the presentation and the taste of the food.

The menu ticks all the boxes when it comes to choice and variety. The wholesome selection of pub food includes fish & chips, steak & mushroom pie, scampi and more. The Fish & Chips though is served with ‘samphire tartare sauce and minted mushy peas’. The pie is comprised of ‘slow cooked steak, amber ale and mushrooms’, served with ‘honey roasted carrots’. These additional flavours and ingredients are introduced to each dish. Though subtle, they transform the food from standard to something a bit more memorable.

In addition to the main menu, there is a selection of speciality sausages. Sausage and mash has to be a contender in the top 5 comfort food combinations right?! The Sawyer’s Arms took this dish and made it special. There are ten, yes ten, different sausage flavours. Wild boar & apple, venison & red wine, lamb & sujuk… these aren’t just any standard sausages. My sausage and mash dish was delicious. beautifully creamy mash and just enough gravy. You cannot scrimp on the gravy.

The sawyer's arms, pie, sausage and mash

I adore a good starter and I do think they are often under rated. This is probabaly¬†why I enjoy tapas restaurants so much. Anyway, pulled Ham Hock & Pistachio Rillet, along with Potted Devon Crab are some of the starters at The Sawyer’s Arms. When these two dishes arrived they looked slightly underwhelming. I do think a tweak to the presentation could improve these significantly. However, they both tasted very good though and this slightly made up for their appearance.

The sawyer's arms, starters, crab

The sawyer's arms, starters

Lets talk pudding. A very important part to any meal as somehow the human race has evolved to have a separate belly for dessert. My love for tapas style dishes meant I was very keen to try the trio of desserts. Unfortunately though they had run out. Instead I went for the Lemon Tart and Tom went for the Chocolate Brownie. Both arrived on pretty little plates. The desserts themselves were not intricate and they were not extravagant. True though to their pub food style they were gorgeous. I expected my lemon tart to be fridge cold but like the brownie was so warm and gooey!

The sawyer's arms, pudding, lemon tart, chocolate bromwie

I think quite a few pubs now are transforming their menus in a similar way to The Sawyer’s Arms. All I can say is yes! It works so well. There’s something very comforting about a pub meal with friends and family. By introducing little tweaks here and there to something quite bog standard, the experience just becomes even better. You can find out more about The Sawyer’s Arms here.

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