Bear Grylls Fitness Obstacle Course, Manchester

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I’m all for an intense workout in the gym but I really do enjoy trying things that are a little different too. There are so many different ways to keep fit that don’t involve stepping near a gym. Last year I tried trampolining and just this year I have been doing quite a bit of climbing. Last week I tried something very different and it was so much fun! Introducing Bear Grylls Fitness at The Oxygen Free Zone which is the UK’s largest trampoline park…

Bear Grylls is a legend isn’t he! I definitely see him as a bit of a role model so couldn’t wait to try out an obstacle course inspired by his fitness regime. What I like about it is that whilst it was very fun, it was still a challenging workout. It is a great playground for training and I really felt it the next day. I did Born a survivor last year and something like this is just what you need whilst you train. If you have signed up to Tough Mudder or something similar this is a great place to train. Bear Grylls Fitness replicates some of the kinds of challenges you will encounter on the day.

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The obstacle course is a programme of high intensity exercises that can be performed at varying ranges of ability. There are 13 different obstacles and each one has 4 levels of difficulty. You can tailor each round so that it is unique to you and your goals. From squat jumping up the world’s biggest steps to attempting the monkey bars there is such a range of different things to stick your teeth into. An instructor will take you round too, showing you how to complete exercise.

Bear Grylls Fitness, obstacle course, Fitness

It was so much fun completing the course with friends. Group exercise can be a lot more enjoyable than slogging away on your own. You can also let your inner child out as you swing from ropes and climb ladders! One of my favourite exercises was The Ninja Rings, the name is pretty self explanatory. Think monkey bars, but rings. They are honestly so difficult but somehow I managed to get across on the easiest setting.

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The Aerial Plank also was very good. Essentially you rest your feet on one rope and arms on another so that you are in a plank position. You then traverse along to the other side but can hold plank in the middle. One difficulty level is a press up challenge… serious upper body and core strength is required!

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After our hour on the course, we also went and tried out the trampolines. The trampoline park is amazing! It is hands down the best I’ve been to. There are lots of different areas. Whilst you can just go and have a bounce around you can also go and play volley ball/netball etc on trampolines! Unfortunately I didn’t get any photos from the trampolines but it is definitely worth checking out as much as the Bear Grylls Fitness course. If you fancy changing up your workout I cannot recommend the Bear Grylls Obstacle course more. It was great fun and a great evening of exercise. For more information visit the website here.

Bear Grylls Fitness

Bear Grylls Fitness, Manchester, Trafford park

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