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After my previous visit to Iberica, back in November to taste their Autumn/Winter menu, I was very excited to return. This time we were trying out the new Spring/Summer menu. Some coverned favourites remain such as the ‘Croquetas de Jamon’. However, quite a few dishes have been updated and there are plenty of new, much lighter dishes. The ingredients and flavours take inspiration from Spring so the menu has different feel.

My last visit to Iberica was such a treat. I enjoyed every plate (minus the octopus – I did try it though!) and every dish had the wow factor. I found the food to be carefully chosen, cooked and presented. This time however, my experience was a little more mixed. Some of the dishes were still amazing but there were a few that lacked the character and speciality that I associate with Iberica. Anyway, I have written a lowdown on what is delicious and what I found a bit disappointing.

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We started off with a few cheese, bread and ham plates. The ‘Trio de Jamones’ is a winner for me. The selection of cured meats was just beautiful and I could happily eat this every day. They go very  well with the cheese and breads presented too so it is a perfect starting sharing platter. If you fancy drinks and nibbles, Iberica is a great option.

Iberica, ham, cheese, bread

The next selection of dishes brought out were very ‘Spring’ inspired. The ‘Baby Carrot Tempuras’ were my favourite. These carrots taste amazing and their presentation is very fun and novel. Essentially the carrot plus full stem attached is encased in a crispy tempura batter. I mean anything deep fried is just delicious and these carrots were no exception. I love the Spring associations with the fresh vegetables and this twist is clever and works very well.

Carrot tempura, Iberica

The ‘Ensaladilla Rusa’ and the ‘Crispy Cauliflower’ though were just a little ordinary. The ‘Ensaladilla Rusa’ did just taste like a potato salad with a bit of tuna and was perhaps a little sloppy too. The Cauliflower dish again lacked character. In tapas restaurant such as this, it felt too much like a side dish rather than something you would order as one of your small plates.

Iberica, tapas, octopus, lamb

The next selection of dishes contained the ‘Croquetes de Jamon’. These are so tasty and are still on the menu due to popular demand. You can’t visit Iberica without getting some of these. The beautiful cooked ‘Twice cooked lamb’ is another’s dish I recommend you order. It has a lovely, tender ‘melt in your mouth’ texture. The ‘Pitu Chicken Rice though looked a little bit like something you might order at Nando’s. Don’t get me wrong I love Nando’s but I did expect something a bit more special from Iberica. It was tasty although a little too salty. There was no subtlety of flavour or texture like there was in the lamb.

The desserts also were a little disappointing. Whilst they tasted fine, they just looked like they were for a children’s birthday party. ‘Tocinillo de Cielo’ was essentially a chocolate mouse with cream and crumble. Likewise, the ‘Crema Catalans Foam’ was like ice cream and jelly. It was a shame as last time the desserts were incredible. The cheese cake we had is still on the menu so I would always go for that over these two.

Iberica, wine, sherry, pudding

I think there are some very good dishes at Iberica and the Spring menu does have some very enticing flavours. There were just a handful that didn’t live up to the usual standard so I would recommend opting for different dishes. The authentic Spanish vibes and interior at Iberica are well worth the visit. There is a unique selection of wines that are specially imported from Spain. Wine lovers and coinesseurs, get yourself to Iberica!

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