Shoryu Ramen, Piccadilly Gardens Manchester

Shoryu ramen, Manchester

I was told that Shoryu Ramen was the home to one of the best Ramen dishes I will ever taste in the UK. A big statement indeed so I was very excited to try this out for myself and put this theory to the test. Located in Piccadilly gardens, the restaurant is easy to find. There is nothing extra special about this part of Manchester so you probably wouldn’t guess that such excellent food lay awaiting here.

The venue itself is fairly casual and unpretentious and I really loved this about the restaurant. Sometimes it is nice to go somewhere extremely grand and extravagant but sometimes it is nice to have a bit of a change. Visiting Shoryu Ramen was really refreshing. It was very unassuming and in no way attempting to show off. The light, friendly and very welcoming restaurant was the home to some really incredibly tasting food. More so than I at first expected! Tucked away in this little restaurant at Piccadilly Gardens are some extremely talented chefs with a fantastic menu to offer!

Piccadilly gardens, shoyru

Shoyru ramen, decor, restaurant

The lovely waitress explained that the Shoryu Ganso Tonkotsu was their signature dish. If I would like spectacular ramen this was the dish to go for. So of course I ordered this and it really was amazing! The broth was seasoned so nicely with lots of flavour. The pork also was delicious and cooked to perfection. There were loads of sesame seeds in there too which were really good. We were given special bibs to eat the ramen. They looked hilarious but actually proved to be very useful! It’s not the most elegant of dishes to eat let’s just say…

Tom tried a beautiful fish dish. When it came it definitely looked a little naked as there was nothing to accompany it but the meat was so delicious. I still think this dish would benefit from some vegetables alongside it but the fish itself was lovely.

We also shared some gyozas and steamed buns to start. Ah wow, these gyozas are the best I’ve ever had! They came with a crispy outer shell on them, still sizzling hot! They were so yum. The steam buns also were so good. The bun itself is just so soft and squishy, an actual carb heaven.

Shoyru, ramen, steamed buns, gyozos

We finished our meal with some desserts. I tried the Matcha Azuki Rolled Cake and Tom has the Match Cheesecake. In all honesty the matcha flavour isn’t for me. I don’t like green tea so it was no surprise really. Tom loved the cheesecake though and if you like a bitter taste then perhaps you will like it.

Shoyru ramen, matcha, pudding

I’d go back again any day for the Ramen and starters though and I really was impressed. The atmosphere was just so friendly and everyone receives a welcome in the form of a gong on arrival. It is really light hearted and fun and I would totally recommend it for a chilled out evening with delicious food. Check out the menu and more information here.

Shoyru ramen, decor, restaurant


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