Wood & Company, hidden bar

Wood & company, Manchester, hidden bar

The face of central Manchester is magnificent. Tall, grand buildings line the city centre streets, each one so different from the last. There are so many big brands and restaurants all around and it feels very majestic. However, there is more to Manchester than first meets the eye. Down the back of King Street, amongst the backs of shops and restaurant lies Wood & Company.

Wood & Company is a secret, hidden bar and you really wouldn’t realise it was there unless you were in the know. The street seems like any other back street with bins and back doors. However, by a wall saying ‘Wood & Company Goods Entrance’ is an unassuming door which leads into a corridor, still showing very few signs of there being a bar at the bottom of the stairs!

Walking down the stairs though, you soon see the flicker of a dim light and a bar, complete with the tell-tale colourful bottles of all sorts of drinks and cocktail ingredients. Wood & Company is such a brilliant find and everything about it just oozes character.  Authentic white tiles and bricks alongside the dark, wooden furniture make up the vintage bar.

Wood & company, menu

The staff were unbelievably friendly and it was very clear how passionately they felt about Wood & Company. The bar felt the perfect size for the modest crowd it attracted during our visit on a Friday evening. Though the room was fairly small, it was completely full giving it a great atmosphere.

Wood & company, bar, chocolate

The cocktail menu is full of some really unique drinks. Inspired by the three courses of a meal, there are aperitifs, classics and dessert style drinks. You’ll also find a collection of garden inspired drinks with some very botanical flavours. I tried the Strawberry Garden which was based on infused strawberries and balsamic vinegar. This combination of flavours is one sometimes used in the kitchen and it translated so well into a cocktail. The drink was sweet, but quite tart with a thick texture. It also looked stunning, as did all of the cocktails we tried at Wood & Company.

Wood & company

Wood & company

A Rose By Any Other Name is another cocktail to try. Vodka, white vermouth and rose water make up this drink and it was delicious. The crystal clear, rose tinted drink looked beautiful and tasted incredible. It was quite strong but the subtle rose flavour softened this. All the cocktails we tried were so different and so tasty so definitely go and try a few.

Wood and company, cocktail, martini

Wood & company

Wood & Company is such a brilliant bar with so much character about it. I have no doubt you’ll love a visit here for a few drinks with friends and there really is nothing cooler than walking through the door  that looks so normal and into this little cavern.

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  1. 9th March 2017 / 5:24 pm

    Nom, those cocktails look amazing! I love the glasses too, especially the one in the first picture. I need to keep this place in mind for my next Manchester trip! x

    Laura // Middle of Adventure

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