Cooper Hall, Northern Quarter

Cooper hall cocktails

The Northern Quarter has done it again. A brilliant new underground beer hall has opened up at Sevendale House called Cooper Hall. You walk down a flight of stairs and into a huge expanse that is the beer hall. It has traditional long tables and benches and feels very much like a Bier Keller but there are also some black leather seats and tables around the edge too. It has a really chilled out feel, perfect for a Friday night.

Cooper hall, northern quarter

Cooper Hall is great if you like beer. It stocks a huge range of European beers and IPA craft ales and is getting well known for the popular Pilsner Urquell Tank Beer. The bar also has a really unique selection of cocktails and some that also incorporate beer in them!

Cooper hall drinks menu

We tried four of the cocktails. First up the Grolled Fashioned, basically a quirky twist on an Old Fashioned. It wasn’t quite as bitter though so appeals even if you’re not a huge whisky lover. We also tried the Rum & Plum. This was a delicious, sweet combination of caramel rum and plum bitters. It tasted quite fruity and smokey at the same time.

Cooper hall cocktail

Cooper hall cocktail

We then went for a gin based drink, Sloe Take Off. The mixture of sloe gin, raspberry and citrus was so refreshing with fruity sweet and sour flavours.

Northern quarter cocktails

Finally, we tried the Salted Caramel Martini which might just be my new favourite cocktail! It was served in an ice cold glass with salted caramel vodka, cocoa and bitters. The drink is so clear and smooth yet tasted so full of flavour. It was really amazing. It also comes with a square of fudge!

Salted caramel Martini, cooper hall

Cooper hall, salted caramel martini

Salted caramel martini

There are so many other cocktails I need to try including Dandelion & Burdock which sounds incredible. This cocktail is vodka based with dandelion & burdock flavoured syrup and bitters. I love these flavours and I have a feeling they would go so well together.

Cooper Hall has live music playing regularly and is a great place to go for a chilled evening with friends, colleagues or your other half. The huge wide open space is really nice and refreshing as a lot of other bars feel quite small and crowded. Cooper Hall really does have a different character to many other bars in the Northern Quarter and is a great new addition.



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