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Tea time, Manchester northern quarter, tea flavours

I love the Northern Quarter in Manchester, there are so many great places to eat, drink and socialise. It also has such a cool and quirky feel! There is always somewhere new to try along with a few favourite places I just keep going back to… Evelyn’s being one of them. Anyway, there is a really exciting new addition coming to the Northern Quarter very soon – a tea bar called Tea Time. I have recently been trying out some of their teas and let’s just say they are pretty cool.

I’m not a huge fan of your average PG cups tea (sorry). I love herbal teas, flavoured teas and tea leaves though so this place is right up my street. There are so many different flavours including both your classics such as Lady Grey and English Breakfast alongside some really unique ones. I tried eight really interesting different flavours.


Each sachet is filled with tea leaves and you pour the correct amount (stated on the front of tea packet) into one of the Tea Filters that you also get in the box. Each sachet recommends the ideal temperature and brewing time for that specific tea. The box also lists your teas and suggests different ways that you could drink it. I received a Bubblegum tea for example and this says ‘Try hot or cold’. The Peach White tea also suggests ‘try sweetening with honey’. They also state if they are caffeine free which is always good to know.

Tea filters, tea time

Tea time, peach tea

I absolutely adored the Watermelon tea that I got. The flavour really came through in the drink which I was quite surprised with. I often find that flavoured teas smell like their flavour but the taste is not quite so obvious. This tea though really tasted like watermelon and it was so delicious and refreshing.

Tea time, watermelon tea

Tea leaves, tea time, watermelon

Another favourite was the Chocolate tea. I tried this as a black tea but the box suggests trying with milk or as a latte which I am really interested to do. I think it could work really well with a splash of milk… hazelnut milk too could taste amazing!

Tea Time teas really does cover a whole range of flavours. If you love fruity teas then they have plenty including Spiced Apple, Peach, Sour Cherry Banana, Honey Fruit Fennel and many more. As you can see these aren’t just your ordinary fruit tea flavours.

You will also find some sweet treats featuring as flavours. Some examples are Popcorn Genmaicha, Bubblegum, nutty ice cream (I think this will be the first I try when I visit the tea bar!!), maple syrup… they really do sound amazing and they are completely guilty free. <3

I would happily try all of these flavours!

Some of the teas are green, some are white, some are black… I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many different flavours and I can’t wait to see what the Tea Time tea bar is like! Keep watch on their website here and there are some great pics on their Instagram feed.

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  1. 12th February 2017 / 1:56 pm

    Oh finally someone who appreciates tea! I can’t stand the ordinary cheap teas you can get in shops (I order my dark tea from Africa, haha). I have to admit, I’m tea (and coffee) snob but I’m not lowering my standards. I’ve actually never tried Tea Time but I’m now tempted to order some.

    Dash Xx

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