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Lobster, Spaghetti, wine, rosso

Since the beginning of November, I noticed the outside of Rosso Restaraunt had become beautifully wrapped up with a Christmas ribbon and bow. This amazing exterior is the perfect tease to the stunning festive decor inside the restaurant. I couldn’t believe how sparkly and gorgeous the interior of Rosso was when I stepped inside. It feels as though you’re inside a Christmas tree. Adorned with fairy lights and dripping with sparkles, it’s the perfect setting for a Christmas meal.

Rosso Manchester, outside restaurant

Rosso interior, Christmas

Rosso, Christmas tree, Manchester

Rosso not only looked gorgeous but the food was out of this world. After a bit of bread and olives, our starters arrived. Tom went for the pan roasted pigeon breast which was absolutely delicious. It came on a bed of polenta gnocchi, drizzled in prune and treacle jus and was incredible. I had the duck and chicken parfait in whipped hazelnut butter. It tasted amazing and the hazelnut was a genius partner to the parfait. It also came with granary toast and a very sweet and heavenly damson compote.

Rosso, Christmas, cheese, bread, wine, olives

Pigeon breast, treacle juice, Rosso, restaurant, starter

Pate, starter, rosso

For main course I got the half lobster spaghetti. The lobster was flavoured with tomato and chilli. There was perhaps a bit too much spaghetti for me although great if you’ve a large appetite. Tom had the turbet fish dish and rosemary potatoes on the side. It came beautifully presented and the fish was delicate and nicely seasoned.

Lobster, spaghetti, rosso

Lobster, Spaghetti, wine, rosso


Rosso, potatoes, Rosemary, side dish, rosso

Often you can make a few guesses as to which dishes will be on the dessert menu. There are lots of standard favourites that you often assume will be on there. This isn’t a bad thing as you really can’t go wrong with a classic favourite. However, I love it when I am presented with a dessert menu with unique dishes and something a little different. This is exactly what the dessert menu at Rosso was like! I went for a chocolatey, malt pudding which was combination of chocolate soil, chocolate slaps, brownie chunks and ice cream. It was so so delicious and an incredible chocolate dish for a self confessed chocoholic. Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate 😃

Chocolate dessert, rosso

Tom’s dessert was even better. It was literally beautiful. He chose the pistachio and dark chocolate cheesecake. It was the gooiest, most incredible dessert. The dark chocolate was so rich and the pistachio flavour was nutty and creamy. It worked so so well.


The restaurant also has places to charge your phone. I like to leave my phone alone when I am enjoying a meal out (apart from to take a few pics of course). I think it is important to enjoy conversation with your company and remove yourself from the outside world. However, if you did need to charge your phone in order to book a taxi for example this would be useful. It was an interesting and modern touch. Probably one also that will appear more and more in restaurants. I have seen plugs in other restaurants but not actually specific phone charging points by the table.

Phone charger, Christmas, rosso.

Overall though, Rosso was really fantastic. The main thing that stood out to me was the sparkles and lights that adorned the restaurant. It made the space so special and magical and a beautiful place to eat a lovely meal.

Rosso Christmas



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