Tasting the most beautiful cured meats at Iberica, Spinningfields

Iberica, spinningfields, red wine

My experience at Iberica the other week was one of a kind. This restaurant is like no other I have ever visited before. Iberica serves a variety of tapas dishes, that are based on traditional Spanish cuisines but are given a unique, contemporary twist. We tried so many divine, cured meats, fish dishes and more. You can actually find one of the biggest selections of Spanish cured meats in the whole of the U.K. here!

When you walk in, you can see said meats displayed at the front of the restaurant and the chefs serve it fresh from here. This makes the meal so authentic and quite special as you don’t often see your food in this way. It also looks very traditionally Spanish and adds character to the venue. The restaurant itself is gorgeous. The lights are dimly lit making it very atmospheric and intimate. We sat upstairs in one of the booths and there was a gorgeous large mirror hanging to the side of us. This might sound a bit strange but it worked so well. It was something so different and gave the room a whole new dimension. ¬†Also, if you visit Iberica make sure to visit the washrooms… They are literally incredible! But I’ll say no more.

Iberica, new menu

Circle mirror, Iberica, interior

We tried so many of the new tapas dishes and I can’t even explain how delicious they were. One of the first dishes was a Trio of Ibericos – essentially three different cold meats. They were so flavoursome and I couldn’t recommend this dish more, I think it was one of my favourites.

Iberica cured meats, trio

Another dish I loved was the Green Asparagus Toast. It was something a bit different, asparagus and cheese and toasted bread. Anything cheesy is always going to win me over so this was lovely.

Green Asparagus toast, Iberica

Green asparagus toast, Iberica

Both the Pluma (Iberico pork loin) and the Secreto (Iberico pork Secreto) were incredible. In fact they were potentially the tastiest pieces of meat I have ever tasted. (Please ignore the awful quality of my photos). They were both so rare, salty and literally melted in my mouth.

Secreto, pork Secreto, Iberica

Pluma, pork loin, Iberica

The Oxtail sandwich was another winner for me. This meat was so rich and thick. The sandwich was placed on the creamiest potato bedding and the textures and flavours were so indulgent and filling.

Oxtail sandwich, Iberica

Oxtail sandwich, Iberica

We also tried Octopus. I can’t say I was the biggest fan of this but Tom loved it. It was a very interesting and different tapas dish to try anyway and looked pretty impressive.

Octopus Iberica

Iberica octopus

After all of our savoury dishes we were also given a couple of desserts to try. First up was Gloria Cheesecake. This actually came with thinly sliced cheese on top – a bizarre concept but it actually worked! We also tasted the Caramelised Spanish Rice Pudding and this was so lovely. It was just like a creamy, comforting rice pudding.. Mmm.

Gloria cheesecake, Iberica

Iberica, rice pudding

The new menu at Iberica is filled with tasty, interesting and authentic flavours. You really do get an incredible experience when you dine here. Gather some friends, family, a girlfriend/boyfriend; buy a few bottles of red wine; and share a selection of tapas dishes. You are sure to have a brilliant evening.

Me and Iberica


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