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Last week I was lucky enough to join Emily Skye, fitness icon and on,one superstar, for her live workout at my local Pure Gym. Emily is the latest ambassador of Lucozade Sport’s Made to Move Campaign, which aims to get a million people in the UK moving more by 2020. She led a one hour fitness session which was live streamed onto Facebook. You can still watch the workout here and join in! After the session I was lucky enough to have some time to chat with Emily and ask find out some of her top fitness tips and advice.

Emily is very well known in the fitness industry and has a huge social following. She is absolutely gorgeous and has a massive sphere of influence so I’m going to be honest and say I was a little daunted at the prospect of meeting her. However,  I couldn’t believe how down to earth and friendly she was. Emily was literally so lovely.  Her attitude towards health and fitness and towards generally overcoming obstacles in life was so inspiring.

Emily came into fitness after struggling with depression and anxiety. It soon became clear how much fitness not only affected her physical health but her mental health too. I loved how much importance she placed on feeling good about yourself and setting realistic goals. “Don’t compare yourself to other people, don’t compare yourself to magazines. People don’t look like they do in the magazines, I don’t look like how I look in magazines!” she said. It was so refreshing to hear Emily talking about how magazine photographs capture someone at their best angle, with the best lighting and the best makeup. This isn’t how they look 24/7.

This healthy attitude towards seemingly ‘perfect’ humans on social media is so relevant in today’s society. Emily has such a huge following and I love that she is sending out all the right messages. On her Instagram, she recently posted a ‘3 seconds apart’ photo which shows two photos taken three seconds apart. You can see it here:

Emily Skye, three seconds apart

I really believed that people who post defined ab pictures have these abs all the time. To see  the difference between her body when she is posing and tensing and her body when she is just relaxed was a real eye opener. She looks amazing in both but it just shows things in a realistic context. It also makes a lot of sense as I personally have a lot more definition when I tense. For some reason it is easy to forget this when you’re looking at social media. Emily’s honesty is so refreshing and I admire her so much for this. I recently wrote about my own tips for weight loss and realistic goals was a huge part of this.

Another topic that Emily touched on was over-coming fears. She explained how she used to hate being in front of camera and talking in front of people. Due to her work though, she has to spend a lot of time doing this. Emily explained that the key to over-coming these fears is all mental. Once you realise that you can do something it becomes so liberating. She is so right. A lot of the things holding us back in life are just the negative things that we tell ourselves. Emily explained how important it is to believe in yourself and change your mindset. Your thoughts need to be those of conviction and self confidence rather than doubt and uncertainty.

I left the fitness session feeling motivated and inspired. Emily has an incredibly toned physique and obviously works really hard to maintain this. I would love to work towards becoming stronger and fitter but I also left with such a positive mindset. I like to think that I do have realistic fitness goals and I try not to compare myself to anyone. This can become hard sometimes though and it was great to remind myself of this. Emily explained that your only form of competition should be yourself and I think this is a great motto to live by. Strive to become the best that you can be, not what the person next to you is. At the end of the day, being happy in your own skin and loving yourself is so important and that is very much at the core of what Emily preaches.

Underneath all of Emily’s fantastic fitness tips and workout  videos is a person trying to teach her followers to love themselves. Through fitness, health, and moderation Emily discovered self belief and confidence and this is what I want to use fitness to achieve.

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