Counting down to Christmas with Hotel Chocolat

Hotel Chocolat, advent for two, advent calendar, Christmas

The countdown to Christmas is one of my favourite times of the year. Everything festive make me so happy! My inner child completely takes over. I love everything Christmas related but today I am talking advent calendars. Something that probably shouldn’t make me as excited as they do but as soon as the advent calendars come out you have every right to be in full Christmas countdown mode. Question is, how do you eat your advent calendar? In the evening? In the morning? I even have a friend who eats them all on day 1 then refills the moulds with melted chocolate all over again…. Genius if you ask me.

Anyway, Hotel Chocolat have brought out an advent calendar this year that means you can enjoy your calendar with someone else! Be it your boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend, sister, mum… The list goes on. I think their ‘Advent for Two’ calendar is such a good idea. It contains 48 baby truffles in an assortment of flavours, two hiding behind each door, one for you and one for someone else. What a lovely idea. Also, they’ve packed the calendar with some delicious flavours including standard Hotel Chocolat favourites such as salted caramel cream and raspberry rush, mixed with some very traditionally festive flavours such as gingerbread praline…. YUM!

Hotel Chocolat, advent for two, advent calendar

Hotel Chocolat advent for two

Hotel Chocolat advent for two

This calendar would be such a lovely gift for someone in advance of Christmas (plus perfect if you’re planning on being the one to share it with them). The advent calendar is so luxurious and elegant. As with everything Hotel Chocolat does, it is designed beautifully and brings a nice twist to the usual concept of an advent calendar.

Two truffles, hotel Chocolat

Hotel chocolat

Hotel Chocolat advent for two

I can’t wait until the 1st December now so that it is acceptable to eat the first chocolates. It felt a bit weird opening day 1 mid November to get the photographs for this post! Somehow I managed to not eat the chocolates though, I don’t know where this new found resistance came from! Anyway, if you are looking for something a little different for advent this year but still want to keep it chocolate based, this could be perfect.

Hotel Chocolat, advent for two, white chocolate truffles

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