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I have always thought very highly of The Alchemist. It is the perfect go to if you are after some fancy, impressive and delicious cocktails. I remember the first time I ever went there and being so amazed at all the cool effects and how unique every single item on the menu was. When I discovered that The Alchemist were updating their cocktail menu I couldn’t really imagine how it could get more creative and inventive. We went along to The Spinningfields branch last week to see what new things they had in store and let’s just say, I was really impressed….

The cocktails always had a bit of a molecular and sciency feel to them but this has been exaggerated even more so and the new cocktail menu is cleverly laid out like The Periodic Table. There are so many incredible sounding cocktails and it can almost be a little overwhelming. I think if I had to choose just one I would find it very difficult! Anyway, we were brought a selection of them to try and each one was so different from the last. 

Alchemist cocktails menu spinningfields

First up we tried one called Tickle Me Pink. A strange name and a strange cocktail… It arrived with a clear liquid in the glass and a propette filled with a pink liquid balanced on top. Basically we were instructed to shoot the pink liquid onto our tongue and then enjoy the drink. It felt like we were back in a science class. The pink liquid made your mouth feel kind of numb, fuzzy and tingly, but in a good way. It is hard to describe what the drink tasted like but it was deliciously sweet and moreish. Not only did this cocktail taste amazing but it was an experience in itself and very fun. I love also how the menu says the cocktails contain ‘nettles’ and ‘stings’ – don’t let this put you off!

Alchemist cocktails, tickle me pink

Our next cocktail was probably the girliest, fluffiest drink I have ever seen. It literally looks like candy floss in a cup and is appropriately named Candy Crush. The cocktail was really fluffy and foamy in texture which I loved. The rhubarb, rose and candy flavours were really very very sweet – if perhaps a little too much? I think the sweetness of this drink makes it more of a dessert style cocktail.

Candy crush alchemist spinningfields

Our next cocktail was called Lightbulb Moment. First of all this cocktail it so amazing to watch – like many of the drinks at The Alchemist. It arrived giving off lots and lots of dry ice and once this has all bubbled off, you pour the drink into the cup. I absolutely loved the flavours of this drink – Pimms and ginger beer with lemon, raspberry and mint. It was like all my favourite summer drinks rolled into one and a great choice if you’re looking for a fun twist on the classic Pimms and lemonade.

The lightbulb moment , the alchemist

Lightbulb moment, the alchemist

We were then brought a very elegant and sophisticated looking drink called Peaches and Cream. This was probably one of the more ‘normal’ cocktails on the menu with peach and pink grapefruit juice mixed with prosecco. This twist on a Bellini was really tasty and a great choice if you want something a little more familiar.

Peaches and cream, the alchemist

Next up, we tried my favourite drink of the evening! I think this is quite a controversial one though, if you love liquorice, anniseed and sambuca flavours your gonna love this, if not… Maybe it won’t go down so well. It is named Black Jack. Black Jack comes with a shot of absinthe presented in a propette with a jar of bacardi rum, raspberry, lime and something called blue curacao and you mix this together.

The flavour is really really strong and quite thick. It tastes just like black jack sweets! I found it so so tasty. (Warning, this will make your mouth, teeth and tongue turn a deep navy blue colour!)

Black jack cocktail at the alchemist

We finished the evening with a cocktail called Key Lime Pie. The body of the drink is very tart and tangy with apple and lime flavours and coloured a brilliant lime green colour. Topped off with vanilla meringue foam, as the name would suggest it is just like a very very tasty dessert. Key lime pie, the alchemist

We tried just a handful of the drinks and there are still so many I want to try, Malt-Teaser and Mango Shake to name just a couple. It is incredible how many flavours are packed into each cocktail and how innovative they are. It really is a great evening out just to go to The Alchemist and try some of these amazing drinks and I can confirm that the menu now is somehow even better than before!



  1. 28th September 2016 / 4:15 pm

    These cocktails look amazing!!

    • Sarah
      28th September 2016 / 5:42 pm

      Thanks Beth! xx

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