Australasia Restaurant, Manchester

Spider rolls, Australasia

So Australasia has been on my list of places to visit for a while now. It is a very iconic restaurant in Spinningfields, Manchester where you enter a glass pyramid to actually get into the restaurant. The pyramid leads you down a staircase and into the beautiful interior that is Australasia. Everything from its location underneath the Armani store, to the pearly white decor screams class and elegance and you really do feel as though you have stepped into another world. After a warm welcome we were led to our booth and left to look through the beautiful and very tempting menu.

Australasia decor

Pornstar martini

At Australasia, you can either choose a starter and main or you can enjoy a selection of smaller dishes. We went for the selection of dishes and I am so glad we did this.  Our choice of sushi dishes were delivered first and as a HUGE sushi lover I was completely in my element. I really do wish I could eat here every day. We chose the Seared Teriyaki Beed Nigiri Sushi, the Tasmanian Kingfish Sashimi and the Spider Rolls. They were presented so beautifully and tasted so so fresh. We were given some grated wasabi and soy sauce on the side to dip these into also.

Sushi, Australasia, beef

Beef teriyaki sushi

Next came another collection of the dishes we ordered: the Tempura Soft Shell Crab, Pork Wantons and Seared Pigeon with Thai Cucumber and Mango. The crab was just divine. I mean anything that has ‘Tempura’ in the name is bound to be good but add crab into the mix too and the Australasia chefs and you’ve got the perfect combination. The pork again was delicious. I wasn’t so sure on the pigeon myself – I found it a little too raw for my liking but Tom loved it. It certainly looked very impressive with the cucumber and mango.

Pigeon and lamb

Tempura crab

Finally they delivered our Warm Duck Salad with Papaya and Peanuts and BBQ Lamb Cutlets. Both of the dishes were so so good. The duck meat was cooked to perfection and the lamb cutlets were so tasty. Again, both dishes looked so lovely and there was an immaculate attention to detail. Everything just worked so well. There are so many more dishes on the menu that I would love to try and I really do want to come and visit Australasia again soon.

Duck salad

Next course – dessert. I always always have room for pudding! I ordered the Chocolate Dome with Peanut, Salted Caramel and Blackberries and oh my goodness this was just incredible. It came as a dome of chocolate onto which our lovely waitress poured hot salted caramel sauce so that the chocolate melted and uncovered a scoop of ice cream within the dome. Alongside the blackberry and peanuts this dish was probably one of the best desserts I have ever had. Tom went for the Kaffir Lime Brulee with Pineapple Sorbet. Again this dish was a piece of art in itself and look just beautiful. The lime brulee was not as sweet or bitter as I had thought it might have been and the flavour was quite muted by the smooth and creamy texture. I personally like a dessert to be as sweet as possible but if you don’t like your sweet dishes then this would be perfect for you. The pineapple sorbet was delicious and sweet though and I think I would have preferred the dish to have a little more of this!

Chocolate dome, australasia

Dessert at Australasia

Our evening at Australasia was really special and one that we will remember for its exquisite food, decor, location, menu, presentation and staff. The food here is not cheap and all in all our collection of small dishes and desserts would have come to around £100. If you’re looking for somewhere that little more special though and have a bit more budget, this could be the perfect option. If you are ever in Manchester or you live in this city then Australasia needs to be on your list. I cannot wait to be back.

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